Frank was one of those residents who touched our hearts the first day he arrived.  Not because of a big smile or an enthusiastic greeting, but by whatever draws one person to another.

Frank didn’t join us for meals at the dining room table like some residents do; he chose instead to eat alone in his room.  Afterwards, he’d visit his “buddies” on the smoking porch, which was where he seemed to come alive and feel part of the group.

Daily, Frank would sit on the porch, just watching visitors come and go.  He recognized who did and didn’t belong at our door, and he knew everyone’s family members.  Gradually, he became comfortable enough to join us at the table for meals.  We were all elated when we saw the first real smile from him.

One morning, several weeks into his stay, Frank mentioned he was like the “security guard” of our Home.  That day at lunch, our Executive Director, Mary Kay, appointed him as “High Sheriff” of our smoking porch and presented him with an “official” badge and a sheriff’s hat.  His grin during the presentation was ear-to-ear!

This may not seem important or special to some people, but to Frank and his Malachi House Family, it truly meant all the world!