About Us

Our Mission

Malachi House, created out of a Christian sense of ministry, serves persons who are terminally ill, without regard to gender, race, religion or national origin and without cost to the resident or family. This Home ministers to individuals who need an available caregiver, who have limited or no financial resources and are in need of special home care in the final stages of life. Our trained staff and volunteers provide spiritual, emotional and physical support with the assistance of a hospice team.

Our History

Malachi House was founded in 1988 through a pioneering effort to preserve human dignity for terminally ill individuals. The inspiration for the House came from the ministry of Fr. Paul Hritz and the St.Malachi Church parishioners who often encountered homeless individuals dying under bridges, in cars, deserted buildings and other unsuitable places within the city.

Fr. Paul and co-founder Catherine “Kaki” O’Neill, along with others, envisioned the creation of a home-like setting where compassionate people would provide care and attention to those who would otherwise spend their final days alone.The dream began to take shape in 1986 when four turn-of-the century rowhouses were donated to the church. With the help of many volunteers, union laborers and more than 100,000 donated service hours, the houses were gutted and renovated into a warm, comfortable, caring home.

Expanding Our Capacity for Caring

On September 28, 1988, we officially opened our doors. A $2-million capital campaign in 2000 enabled us to add an expansion two years later that increased our capacity from 10 to 15 beds. Our home also has a full-service kitchen, family dining room, living room, chapel, and atrium. Malachi House has served more than 2,000 residents since it opened.

Malachi House serves the terminally ill who lack funds and/or an available caregiver at the end of their life. Thanks to countless volunteers and donors, we provide care to residents in an environment full of comfort and compassion. Since we receive no government funding, we rely on contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations. Malachi House is not so much a place for the dying as it is a home for one to comfortably live the final phases of a full-life journey.