It started with a phone call…

“They tell me I won’t be able to take care of myself for much longer, I’m going to need a place to live. Can I come see your House?” Of course the answer was “yes” and within the hour Albert was seeing Malachi House for the first time. In ten minutes, he decided he “might like to live here.” And in another week he was at home in an upstairs bedroom.

Quiet, reserved and polite, Albert never interacted with many of the residents or staff. He always seemed to be a loner. Clothed in his jacket and hat, he usually lay curled up in an almost fetal position in the middle of his bed.

But at Christmas, he found love. As usual, all our residents received at least ten to twelve gifts each, but Albert never opened any of his. He spread them around the room and just looked at them. It wasn’t what was in the gift that mattered, it was the fact that someone cared enough to give the gift. Then, Santa arrived and magic happened. This little gentleman felt loved enough to accept and give a hug to this large, red-suited man whom he had never met. Neither face shows plainly in the photo, and it doesn’t matter. This is what Malachi House is: love for the unloved and hugs for the unhugged!