A veteran, an amateur musician, and a former computer technician, Bob had a love of organization and music.  Bob was a true “giver,” so I wasn’t surprised when he volunteered to make an index of our entire CD collection in the basement!   He repeatedly thanked me for giving him something to work on that made him feel “useful.”

As time went on, Bob’s condition began to decline.  He was no longer able to work on the CD indexing project, but he still wanted to hear music.   Having formerly played piano and identifying himself as such a “techie,” I just knew he would be delighted to play the Magic Piano on the iPad.  After playing “Scarborough Fair” with the Magic Piano application, he hugged the iPad to his chest with an unforgettable, child-like enthusiasm and said, “Amazing, just amazing!”

Bob loved to share music with others and would often invite staff, volunteers, family , and other residents to join.  Bob was now bed bound, but at his request, volunteers, staff and I gathered in his room one day to sing “Amazing Grace” with him.  When we finished our song, Bob reached out, hugged me and said, “God bless you, God bless you.”