Catherine’s stay with us was short.   At 98, she had continued to live alone but she really needed more help than either she or her family realized.  Hospice was called and Malachi House was suggested; Catherine agreed and moved in that week.

She was happy to be here.  Catherine had been a hard worker all of her life and somehow, just being here had given her permission to sit back, relax, and enjoy her remaining time.

A timeless Italian beauty, Catherine greeted all of us with her beautiful smile and often kissed our hands when we visited her room.  Her answer to any request was “OK honey,” mostly due to her congeniality, but often because she was hard of hearing and had no idea what we said!  Her grace was evident and it was a pleasure to care for her.

Our favorite memory of Catherine however, was watching her face light up when her great-great-grandchildren visited her.  A child-bride at 14 years of age, she had been married to her husband for 80 years before he preceded her in death.   What a family legacy to behold!

It’s true that Catherine’s stay with us might have been short, but her smile will be remembered by all of us for a very long time.