Music brings comfort and peace to those who are nearing the end of life.  Elizabeth helped me realize that our residents bring the same feelings into our lives.

Elizabeth arrived feeling fearful and anxious.  She was tearful when I met her, but upon seeing my keyboard her tears dried and instantly, we bonded.  Elizabeth loved music—especially hymns—and requested to hear, “Whatsoever You Do.”  I knew the song well and happily sang it for her.  She thanked me because she felt a connection with the lyrics.

“Whatsoever You Do” became our song and we shared it every session.  One day, Elizabeth held my hand and made a special request, “When I have left this world, will you come to my room, close the door and play my song for me?  Although you will not see me, I will be here.”  I agreed.

Each visit Elizabeth and I sang, and she reminded me of her request.  We shared our song the day before she died.   The next day, I knew we still had one more song to sing.  I went into her room and closed the door.  As I sang and looked around the room, I felt calm and peaceful.  I knew Elizabeth was there. . . I had kept my promise. . . and she kept hers.