How are you funded?

Malachi House relies solely upon the generosity of individuals, foundations and
corporations to provide care for our residents. We do not receive any kind of
government funding, insurance fees, or Medicaid support.

What are the admission criteria?

A prospective resident must be diagnosed with a terminal illness, be under the care
of a hospice, have no willing or available caregiver, have limited financial means and have signed a “do not resuscitate order”.

Is Malachi House a hospital?

Malachi House is not a hospital but a home that utilizes trained staff, volunteers and a hospice team to provide residents with spiritual, emotional and physical support in their final stage of life.

Where do residents typically come from?

Residents are generally from the northeast Ohio region and are referred by a
Hospice program.

Is there a waiting list for residents?

There may be a waiting list.  Please contact us for room availability.

Is there a religious requirement for residents?

There is no religious obligation for residents, as clergies of all faiths are encouraged to minister to requesting residents.

Is Malachi House affiliated with St. Malachi Parish or Malachi Center?

Malachi House operates independently of St. Malachi Parish or Malachi Center and has its own 501 (c) 3  designation and governing board.