“I saw a beautiful woman today,

Her favorite word was love;

She told me as she smiled,

She told me as she sung.”


~ a poem inspired by Georgella


Georgella loved to sing, so during our music therapy sessions, we decided to make a CD of her favorite songs.  This way, she could sing with her favorite artists anytime she felt like it.

Now usually, when I help make a CD, the resident I’m working with will just list the songs by title.  However, Georgella, in her special way, sang each tune to me and I did my best to accompany her on the piano or sing along.

Even though the CD was never finished, the process of creating the CD was an expressive and rewarding experience for both me and Georgella.  I once asked her how she felt when she sang and Georgella responded, “I feel beautiful and that’s something I haven’t felt often in my life.”  I felt so privileged to be able to offer her an experience that helped her feel beautiful.