Marie lived at Malachi House for several months.  On the day of her arrival, Marie saw me with my guitar and called out to me.  From then on, we spent much time together making and creating music.

When Marie felt her life on this earth was coming to a close, she became extremely focused on the need to plan her memorial service.  She trusted me with this task, starting with picking a song which she desired to have played at the funeral.

I was able to call in the seminary volunteer to have a joint meeting with Marie to plan her service.  The night after she finished planning her service, Marie’s condition severely declined.  I was able to send all of the arrangements to Marie’s son, as she had previously requested.

At the funeral, only one picture was placed in Marie’s casket. . . it was a picture of her and me holding a guitar and smiling.   Music therapy brought Marie joy and comfort not only in this life, but as she transitioned into the next.